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January 20, 2019

This will be the home of my future web novel.

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The Covenant of the Fae

February 7, 2022

Long ago, the worlds of the humans and the Fae were one. However, some members wanted to strike out on their own, outside of the comforting embrace — and controlling nature — of the Fae Court of Elfame. The Fae agreed, but on one condition: these people, the humans, could never perform magic or return to Elfame. This is the Covenant.

After thousands of years, the humans prospered and learned to survive using only their ingenuity and tenacity, and the memories of the Fae became tales they would tell to their children at bedtime. However, humans gradually learned about the forces governing their world and how to subvert it to their benefit. The elders of the Fae convinced the queen that the humans had broken the Covenant, and she ordered her armies to put an end to their abominations and return the humans to the embrace of the Wellspring of Life.

Kataru, a Fae princess, and Katelyn, a human drug dealer struggling to make ends meet after the destitution wrought from her mother’s medical bills, join forces to put a stop to the Fae Court’s machinations and save the human world from annihilation.